By Chris Colfer

Do you find everyday life a little dull? Have you ever wished you could fly? Go on daring adventures? Meet Fairytale creatures? If so, this is the right book for you. In this review you will read about book 1 in the series! Read on to learn about the book, however, not enough to give it away.

This is a fantasy novel, about 2 twins, (who you will learn about in the next paragraph), who travel between 2 worlds. The fairytale world and the modern world. They go on adventures, meet knew people, and best of all, you get to know every character by heart.

Now, lets talk about our main characters, Conner and Alex. They are twins, both in their teen years. Alex is a girl, with strawberry blonde hair, which is always neatly tucked back with a headband. To finish off the description, she has freckles. She excels at school, while her twin brother, Conner, snoozes away in class. Like his twin, he has strawberry blonde hair. Atop his face, he has a sea of freckles, like Alex. Later in the series, Conner discovers his talent at writing short stories. The magic side is from his father, Who suffers a terrible accident.

Every character has a certain personality. Whether it’s self obsession, bravery, or humor. Chris Colfer created every person bit by bit. There’s more to this story then you think.

When I first started reading this book, I Said to myself “Ugh! This book is so long!”. But, later on in the book, I started falling deeper into both worlds. Chris Colfer had a way of making readers want to read it every 2 seconds. He made it so every reader in every scene could put it into a movie playing in your head, something all good books should have. The characters made me laugh, cry and never take my eyes off anything. The first book took me several months, the second took me a week, and the rest took me less than a day.