What is the now? (A poem)

You can’t understand the now.

You can only feel it,

when you be it.


When you rise above your thoughts,

then can you be free,

when you are in no mind,

then you can just be.


There you can access everything,

if only you stop now.

Stop your thoughts from distracting you,

and defining who you are.


The world and truth are already here,

they are nearer than your heart.

All you have to do to see them,

is stop and look inside.


What is real can never cease,

what is false will break.

Recognise this now,

and you will awake.


This life is but a dream you’ll see,

what is real will always be.

It’s inside you, it’s your being,

when your thoughts end, you stop dreaming.


Now in the now,

feel the light,

feel the space that is all around,

feel the peace and the love,

the complete bliss.

This space is you, the world,

nothingness, and all there is.


This space is God, the universe,

you have it now,  it’s not a vision.

To be free of all illusion, is only a decision.

It’s not when and if, and how,

Stop your search, the truth is now.





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2 Responses to What is the now? (A poem)

  1. BNL says:

    Great poem, really great. I used to write poetry, but never had the guts to write it anywhere except my personal notebook.

    • Maia says:

      Hi I’m so glad you like it and that you gave me feedback. I never know if it’s any good or not, it’s hard to judge my own writing. You should definitely publish that poetry you have :-) I used to be worried about sharing my writing, but then I realized that people don’t really care that much about anyone but themselves, so it’s only a big deal in your head, but no one else really truly cares what you write or say, so there’s nothing to loose.

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